AGS AG presents GhostFrame® at IBC2022 Amsterdam

Appario Global Solutions (AGS) AG, a Swiss based media technology and solutions company, is pleased to announce the full market launch of the revolutionary GhostFrame virtual production solution at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam this week together with its partners Megapixel VR and ROE Visual.

GhostFrame is based on a patented technology that enables LED display panels to show multiple hidden images simultaneously which, although invisible to the naked eye can be seen by other imaging devices to create multiple “realities” in a single video wall. These hidden realities can then be used to power applications such as virtual production, extended reality (XR), camera tracking, green-screen overlay, multi-language broadcast and may other innovative production requirements in feature production, live broadcast, e-sports and more.

Commencing with the IBC 2022 launch, GhostFrame will be available through a simple and straightforward direct licensing model when purchasing an LED system from GhostFrame Alliance partners ROE Visual and Megapixel VR. GhostFrame will be ready “out-of-the-box” upon delivery of each GhostFrame enabled ROE Visual LED system, including ROE Visual’s industry leading LED panels together with MVRs HELIOS LED Processing Platform.

AGS founder and Chief Innovation Officer Max von Braun said “AGS, ROE Visual and MVR have spent the last 2 years refining the GhostFrame application together with the ROE Visual and MVR product lines and we are delighted to be able to launch at this year’s IBC after a 2-year postponement. GhostFrame is available as a complete solution to the customer in one transaction with hardware delivered by ROE Visual and MVR, with sales support, technical and production services provided by AGS.”

AGS Managing Director Peter Angell said “We believe a simple and cost-effective model for acquiring and deploying GhostFrame in LED solutions will be key to the virtual and XR production revolution currently happening in studios around the world, as well as delivering the multitude of other production applications that GhostFrame can unlock. Our pre-launch customer base includes virtual studio operators, broadcasters, and e-sports events all of whom are just starting to explore the amazing potential of GhostFrame.

GhostFrame® is an alliance of AGS, ROE Visual and Megapixel VR.

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